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Current Features (newest first)

  • Export/Backup (Unencrypted data dump in CSV format)
  • You can now search on mobile screen sizes!
  • COPY!!! - a copy password button was added.
  • COPY!!! - a copy username button was added.
  • Your items will start sorting my the number of times you "view" the password field.
  • You can optionally sort your passwords by Service name.
  • Now you can take "Notes" for each item (free-form text field for optional data such as URL, notes, etc...)!
  • "Type to search" feature which allows you to start typing (when not already in a text field) and begin filtering records.
  • Passphrase is now more safely stored in memory and only lasts as long as the tab is open. Or until page refresh.
  • Password Generator (courtesy GRC)
  • Ability to Filter Services
  • Responsive Design (mobile first)

Planned Features

  • Mobile Apps (both Android and iOS)
  • Import (CSV format)

Never Gonna Happen Jack!

  • Backdoor - Not for FBI; Not for Queen and Country; Not for Jesus himself (well maybe, it's not like he would have bad intentions)
  • Store your Passphrase (not even if only to help you recover getting locked out)
  • Add-ons/Browser Extensions - This has proven un-secure by LastPass and I will not allow my users to fall victim to these kinds of attack!